Harpenden HC Umpire Pool squad



This sat we need umpires for 2 games 


L3 1015 clarence 

m3 1.15



Umpire Pool
Michael Edmond
Squad 42, Level 1 Umpire 366882
Steve Holmes
Squad No. 67
David Jeffrey
Squad No:5
Neil Liles
Also known as Pilesy or Jabber. You won't go through me! and its a long way around. Getting slower by the year!!
Level 1 coach
Level 2 coach part complete
Coached juniors, Ladies some mens club

Level 1 umpire.
Niall McAlister
Level 1 umpire, regn number 366808
Nigel Morris
New member and new to Harpenden, joining as an Umpire, hope to play occasionally midweek. 
Kevin Moxham
Squad No:35
Umpire Level 1
Jon Pagan
What I'm good at: Running around a lot.
What I'm bad at: Working out where the sodding goal is.
Vijay Patel
  No 195 
still trying to play hockey after 30 years - might get the hang in the next 10.

Occasional umpire-level 1 candidate
Nigel Timms
Squad No 13 
Level 1 Umpire
Russell Timms
Squad No: 9