Harpenden HC Mens 3 squad

A brilliantly experienced side. Let down by their new captain!
Mens 3 Mens 3

Captain : Johnny Maguire

Deputy Head at Habs Boys.Live in St. Albans

Vice Captain : Graham Dean

Squad No 80
Adriaan Commandeur
A firm believer in total hockey. 
Michael Edmond
Squad 42, Level 1 Umpire 366882
Christiaan Fourie
I immigrated to the UK from South Africa on 09/09/2015 with my parents.  I am 13 years old and have played hockey ever since I was born.  I love the game.

I represented my region in South Africa called Boland, at Nationals.  I am a forward and striker.
Neil Liles
Also known as Pilesy or Jabber. You won't go through me! and its a long way around. Getting slower by the year!!
Level 1 coach
Level 2 coach part complete
Coached juniors, Ladies some mens club

Level 1 umpire.
Sam Martyn
Squad No:3
David Munton
Squad Number 26
Dave Murphy
Firmly entrenched at left back. Any further forward and I start to feel a bit dizzy.
Paul Nash
Squad No:17
Pint-sized former club captain. For further details, see the Fun & Games section of Harpendenhockeyclub.co.uk
Jon Pagan
What I'm good at: Running around a lot.
What I'm bad at: Working out where the sodding goal is.
Vijay Patel
  No 195 
still trying to play hockey after 30 years - might get the hang in the next 10.

Occasional umpire-level 1 candidate
John Pritchard
Trainee goalkeeper. Really just an old cricketer that discovered standing in goal for the 4s was less strenuous than standing at 1st slip. Started playing less than a year ago. 
Martin Pugh
old boy. 1st played for Harpenden senior team in 1973-74. Played for all teams from the 1st XI all the way down to the 7th team. Yes we did run an occasional 7th team along time ago. Ran Summer hockey for a couple of years in the late 70s.Ran indoor hockey for a season & umpired for more years than I care to remember. last played 1st team Hockey in 2000. Still playing Junior Hockey & can  run 100 yard in 35 minuits.

Level 1 Umpire
Andrew Salmon
Squad No:64
Nigel Timms
Squad No 13 
Level 1 Umpire
Performance history