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Junior Section Guidelines


Harpenden Hockey Club (HHC) is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its members. As a member of HHC you are expected to abide by the following junior section guidelines:


·       All members must play within the rules of hockey and respect officials and their decisions.

·       All members must respect their opponents and team mates. HHC coaches reserve the right to warn, or withdraw, any members from training or matches who are unable to do this.

·       Members should wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions at all times. Players may be withdrawn from training or matches if it is felt that they are ill equipped for the conditions. As coaches will not abandon training sessions or matches for bad weather unless absolutely necessary this will mean assistants having to leave the coaching activity to act as supervisors for the withdrawn player(s) until they are picked up, so affecting the quality of the coaching offered to the remaining members.

·       Members are requested to wear suitable hockey shoes for playing on Astroturf pitches:

o   Hockey specific Astroturf shoes are favoured due to the extra grip and protection they provide, however some trail running shoes are suitable.

o   We strongly recommend against wearing casual or running trainers, and also football style Astroturf trainers. Running shoes and trainers will have inadequate grip for Astroturf, particularly in wet conditions, and offer little protection. Football Astroturf trainers will offer sufficient grip, but frequently offer little or no protection.

·       Members are requested to wear suitable protective equipment at all time while training or playing.

o   Hockey shin pads are compulsory. Members not wearing these may be withdrawn from training or matches if it is felt that they are at risk of injury as a result.

o   Fitted mouth guards are strongly recommended.

o   For older junior members, protective left hand gloves are also recommended.

·       Members must pay any fees for membership or events promptly.

·       Junior members are not allowed to smoke on club premises or whilst representing the club.

·       Junior members are not allowed to consume alcohol or drugs of any kind on club premises or while representing the club.


Leaving Procedures


At the end of training the children will be expected to help clear up any remaining equipment and leave the pitch as soon as possible so it is free for the next age group to use. However we will not allow children to leave the premises until collected by a responsible adult unless permission has been provided by a parent / guardian for them to do so. Please try to be prompt on collection your child, however in the event that you are running late please contact the Head of Juniors informing them of you late arrival. They will then inform your child’s coach who will ensure that your child is not left unaccompanied until you arrive.


Under 8’s Parents


All children who attend our training sessions will be carefully looked after, however it is a condition of admission to a coaching session that the parents / guardians of Under 8s remain on site in the unlikely event of an emergency.


Under no circumstances will our coaches leave their group unattended to care for a child who is sick, injured or otherwise distressed for any reason, although obviously First Aid will be provided where necessary.


If the parent / guardian is unable to remain on site they must appoint a substitute adult prior to the session beginning, and notify the lead coach of the session.




HHC do not provide Personal Accident insurance for its members, so it is a wise precaution to take this out for your child yourself. Herts County Council operates a Personal Accident Insurance scheme for pupils at Herts schools. Details can be obtained from Herts county Council on 0300 123 4040.


Competitions Entered


Each age group / team will also play matches throughout the season.


Teams may also play friendlies against local clubs in addition to the above competitive matches.


While we will endeavour to give every player equal opportunity to play in matches, where necessary we will favour those players who have shown the most:


·       Commitment to playing and training

·       Willingness to learn

·       Concentration


Our junior section also works closely with the senior sections to review and assess player development to help transition players in to the senior teams. A range of factors will be considered as part of this process and parents should discuss this with either Head of Juniors if they wish to know more.




For training, players are expected to wear a suitable shirt, either shorts or a skort and football / hockey style socks as a minimum. They should also bring tracksuit bottoms and a warm sweatshirt / tracksuit top for cooler days. As Woollams is fairly exposed, warm, waterproof gloves and a waterproof jacket are also recommended during the colder months.


Footwear should be appropriate for Astroturf, however Astroturf football trainers are not recommended due to the lack of protection they provide.


Hockey shin pads must be worn for both training and matches, and a fitted mouth guard is advised. For older players a left hand protective glove is also recommended.


Each member is advised to have their own stick, however these are available for borrowing if required.


For matches the kit is a white club shirt, navy blue shorts or skort and navy blue socks. Each member is required to have their own club shirt. For details of how to purchase the club kit see the club kit page.


Below are specialist shops where other hockey equipment can be purchased if required:

Barrington Sports                 www.barringtonsports.com

Hockey Centre                     www.hockeycentre.com

Hockey Factory Shop            www.hockeyfactoryshop.com.uk


Our Principles Whilst Looking After Your Child


HHC has adopted Child Protection and Equity policies to ensure that the welfare and safety of children in our care is always the primary consideration.


Our policies are based on the following key principles:

·       The child’s welfare is the paramount consideration.

·       All children have the right to be protected from abuse, regardless of age, gender, racial origin, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

·       The rights, dignity and worth of the child should always be respected.


HHC is committed to providing an environment where children can learn about, participate in and enjoy hockey free from harassment of abuse.


Club Contact With Parents


The club uses email and WhatsApp as the main forms of communication if required as this is the simplest form of mass communication available. The junior section of the club’s website will also be updated regularly with any relevant information and news. 


Occasionally training or matches will need to be cancelled at short notice due to adverse weather conditions.  We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible on these occasions, however often the decision to cancel is not made until the day. Most junior sections use Whatsapp to advise parents if a session has been cancelled. You should ask you coaches to add you to the relevant group or ask the Junior coordinator to arrange it for you. he can be contacted on harpendenhcjuniors@gmail.com.


Coach Contact With Parents


All of our coaches are volunteers who give a considerable amount of personal time to the running of their age groups for no personal reward.  It is understandable therefore that they are unlikely to spend a lot of time trying to contact parents, and instead will often choose the easiest option available to them.  Please support them and make it as easy as possible for them to organise teams etc. by checking your provided email / phone number on a regular basis and responding promptly to any communication they may make.


If your child becomes unavailable to play for any reason, please inform the coach as soon as possible, preferably by phone if at short notice. Players not turning up or dropping out at short notice impacts the whole team, so the more notice that is given the easier it is for a replacement to be found if necessary.


Codes of Conduct


The main aim of HHC juniors is to promote healthy participation in sport. It is hoped that everyone will play to the best of their ability, so the teams are successful; however we believe that it is more important to enjoy sport and play fairly.


The following Codes of Conduct have been written to uphold the aims of HHC and to help and protect all junior players, umpires, spectators and parents representing the club, whether this is during training or while playing matches.


The club believes that it is important that its members, coaches, administrators, volunteers and parents should at all times be encouraged to be open and to share any concerns or complaints they may have with the Head of Juniors.


The club also believes that each individual should be accountable for his or her own actions. Whether playing, watching, coaching or umpiring, it is your personal responsibility to treat your own team mates, all opposition players, coaches, spectators and umpires with respect and consideration before, during and after any training session or match.


Player’s should:

·       Learn and play by the Rules of Hockey.

·       Play for fun and enjoyment – not just to please your parents and / or coach.

·       Win with modesty and lose with dignity.

·       Recognise and applaud all good play.

·       Respect all coaches, team mates, officials and opponents.

·       Arrive for all training and matches in good time.

·       Warm up and cool down properly as instructed by the coach.

·       Wear clothing suitable for the expected conditions.

·       Bring adequate protective equipment to every training session or match (shin guards as a minimum, but a mouth guard and padded left hand glove are recommended).

·       Inform the coach of any injury or illness as soon as possible.

·       Inform the coach if you will be arriving late or need to leave early.

·       Inform the coach in good time if you are unavailable for any match.

·       Never smoke, consume alcohol or take drugs of any kind on club premises or whilst representing the club in any way.


Parents / Spectators should:

·       Encourage their children to learn and play by the rules of hockey.

·       Respect the opinion and decisions of officials, coaches and managers.

·       Encourage instead of force their children to play.

·       Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials or other players.

·       Praise your child’s efforts whether they win or lose.

·       Get to know you child’s coach and / or manager.

·       Set a good example by recognising and applauding all good play.

·       Use proper language at all times.

·       Never coach from the sidelines.

·       Punish, ridicule or belittle a child for losing or making mistakes.


Data Protection


Information on our junior members is collected as part of the registration process. This is collated on a database administered by Head of Juniors and shared with those assisting with running the junior section. The lead coach of each age group will be provided with a register containing key contact detail for the children in that age group, any relevant medical information provided and their emergency contact details.


All details held will be deleted within a year of the child leaving the junior section of the club.




Coaches will plan all sessions to be as safe as possible, however due to the nature of hockey accidents can and do occur. HHC have established First Aid procedures and accident reporting processes. Parents, Carers or Guardians will always be informed of any first aid involving their child and the actions that were taken as part of this.


It is important to note that we can offer immediate First Aid only. An ambulance will be called to any emergency requiring this, but it is the responsibility of the parents or guardians to seek further medical advice in circumstances of injury or illness as complications may not be apparent immediately. Advice will be given by the First Aider who treated your child if the injury treated has known potential complications.


England Hockey ‘Keep Kids Safe’


Harpenden Hockey Club is working with England Hockey to ‘Keep Kids Safe’.


Keeping Safe

To keep safe always:

·       Tell someone you trust, so they can help you

·       Trust your instincts about the people you meet

·       Avoid being alone, or with just one other person

·       Carry a mobile phone, phone card or change

·       Travel with a friend

·       Avoid travelling in someone else’s car on your own

·       Avoid going to other people’s homes by yourself


You have rights – Sports should be fun. You should feel safe and enjoy your sport.

You can’t do this if you feel unhappy – if someone is bullying or abusing you.


When Do You Know If Something Is Wrong

Something is wrong if someone:

·       Constantly teases you

·       Threatens, hits, kicks or punches you

·       Damages or steals your belongings

·       Touches you or does anything that makes you feel uncomfortable

·       Makes suggestive remarks or tries to pressurise you into sexual activity


·       Does anything that makes you feel lonely, upset, worried, hurt or embarrassed


If any of the above happens to you, do not wait for it to happen again. Act immediately.


What To Do

If you are being bullied or abused, it is not your fault. If this is happening try to:

·       Be firm and tell the person to stop – if necessary make a lot of noise to attract attention.

·       Get away from the situation quickly. Go to a public place to find help or call the police (dial 999)

·       Tell your parents or an adult you can trust what has happened as soon as possible so they can help

·       Keep a note of the date, time and place, what happened, how you felt and the name of anyone who may have seen what happened

·       Use one of the free 24hr helplines

o   Childline                              0800 1111

o   NSPCC                                0800 800 5000

o   Herts Childrens Services        0303 123 4043


Don’t ignore what is happening – always tell someone you trust. Police stations and social service offices will always have staff who are specially trained to support young people who have been bullied or abused. Don’t give up until someone helps you and you feel safe.



Useful Contacts


Club Media

Club Website


Club Twitter


Junior section Twitter



Club Contacts



Contact Details

Welfare Officer

Vijay Patel

Tel: 07939017770

Head of Juniors

Kevin Ellis



Emergency Child Welfare Contacts



Contact Details


England Hockey Child Welfare Officer

Tel: 01628 897500



NSPCC Helpline

Tel: 0808 800 5000


Herts Social Services

Tel: 0300 123 4043


Herts Social Services (out of hours)

Tel: 0300 123 4040


Herts Police Child Abuse Unit

Tel: 101



Help, Support and Advice Lines


Contact Details

Additional Information

NSPCC Child Protection in Sport

Tel: 01162 347278


Sport specific advice on safeguarding young people

NSPCC 24hr Helpline

Tel: 0808 800 5000


National Society for the Protection of Children

Victim Support

Tel: 0845 3030 900


Provides support for victims and witnesses

Government Guidance


Government guidance on safeguarding young people


Advice for Children and Young People


Contact Details

Additional Information


Tel: 0808 800 5000


Support & advice for 12-16 year olds via the website

Herts Childrens Services

Tel: 0303 123 4043

Herts social services team

Don’t Hide It


Advice on what to do about abuse


Tel: 0800 1111


Free helpline for children and young people


Tel: 0207 730 3300


Support on bullying


Below are links to the key junior section documents. Other club documents can also be found on the main club Policies & Procedures page.

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