Harpenden HC Umpire Pool squad

Umpire Pool
Ellen Baldwin
Level 1 Umpire candidate
Mike Emes
Level 1 Umpire (Pool)
Neil Liles
Also known as Pilesy or Jabber. You won't go through me! and its a long way around. Getting slower by the year!!
Level 1 coach
Level 2 coach part complete
Coached juniors, Ladies some mens club

Level 1 umpire.
Johnny Maguire
Deputy Head at Habs Boys.Live in St. Albans

Kevin Moxham
Squad No:35
Umpire Level 1
vijay patel
  No 195 
still trying to play hockey after 30 years - might get the hang in the next 10.

Occasional umpire-level 1 candidate
Andrew Peploe
Level 1 Umpire.
Played for:
Northampton Saints
Oxford Hawks (Southern Prem Champions)
Carole Pomfret
L1 umpire
Martin Pugh
old boy. 1st played for Harpenden senior team in 1973-74. Played for all teams from the 1st XI all the way down to the 7th team. Yes we did run an occasional 7th team along time ago. Ran Summer hockey for a couple of years in the late 70s.Ran indoor hockey for a season & umpired for more years than I care to remember. last played 1st team Hockey in 2000. Still playing Junior Hockey & can  run 100 yard in 35 minuits.

Level 1 Umpire
Barry Smith
Nigel Timms
Squad No 13 
Level 1 Umpire
Russell Timms
Squad No: 9
David Waters
Level 1 Umpire